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SK Sakib
Apr 06, 2022
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Participation will definitively enter a new waterway post-corona. What trends are municipalities dealing with when it comes to participation and what does that mean for 2021? New on Frankwatching This is how you Whatsapp Number List strike the right chord with your target group with photography [+6 examples] di This is how you link Google Analytics 4 to Merchant Center di Don't garden in it: 7 types of fake news & examples di Smarter note taking: your second brain online Brand activism a marketing ploy? Whatsapp Number List You avoid that impression with authenticity The new Environment Act is Whatsapp Number List getting closer (really) and the deadline for the heat transition vision is in sight (both for the time being 1 January 2022). Developments where participation is an obligatory Whatsapp Number List element. In addition, the corona measures ensured that the traditional residents' evening is no longer possible. Participation is necessary. More and more types of residents want to participate in the discussion or participate and the frequency of this may be increased. Legislation ensures that the number of participation themes is increasing. That's a good thing, because residents who are not allowed to participate in the conversation are more likely to throw their ass against the crib. People know each other well through digital infrastructures such as Nextdoor or neighborhood WhatsApp groups. Finding supporters and being able to organize resistance has thus Whatsapp Number List become easier. That gives a new dynamic to democracy . By hearing (critical) opinions at an early stage, you as a government or contractor avoid hassle at a later stage. However, participation alone is not enough. The municipality must already make more effort to reach residents in the contact area.

SK Sakib

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