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Jul 31, 2022
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When I went freelance full-time, the first thing I did was create a spreadsheet with all my contacts in the industry. I then identified ten people from this list that I might be able to call in a favor from or outright pitch my services. I sent ten emails explaining my newly minted business. This led to many phone calls and additional email strings. Some of these folks had work for me, some didn’t, but everyone had advice that was both encouraging and terrifying but equally valuable. Today a lot of my work continues to come from client referrals and people in my network. You’d be surprised how many agencies need help with their overflow work. So while I don’t suggest you go to simply any networking event available, I do highly recommend that you start to get to know people in your industry and start building relationships. Not only could it lead to business in the future, but you never know when you might be able to ping them for help yourself. Recommended Reading: 11 Slack Communities for SEOs and Digital Marketers The workload like this whatsapp number list allows both the vendor and the affiliate to focus on. Clicks are the number of clicks coming to your website’s URL from organic search results. Lesson #2. Get your books in order I was terrified as a fledgling freelancer that I wouldn’t be able to afford an accountant. I started stressing out about my tracking of expenses and withholding the appropriate amount of taxes. I finally reached out to an accountant someone referred to me. The first thing he had me do was re-classify as an S-Corp. The tax savings from that easily paid for his services. If you’re considering full-time freelance (or even part-time), get yourself a good accountant. Lesson #3. Be confident in your pricing In the beginning, I took work at half of my standard rate. It ended up costing me money as I had to turn away full-price work as I got busier. While you’ll naturally flex your rates up (if it’s a project you’re not super excited about) or down (if it’s something you are really excited about), I highly recommend that you not take on any work at a rate you’ll regret in the future. Not sure what your rate should be? In 2018, Ahrefs surveyed the SEO industry and found that $100-$150 is the most common hourly rate. If you’re considering pricing your services on a per-project or monthly retainer basis, check out the full SEO pricing study below.
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