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Studio Interview With Brumby

Magenta Moon Media sat down in the Lunatic Lounge with The Lunatic's Fringe bassist Brumby (which is Australian for Wild Horse) to discuss the progress in the studio for their next record Resurgence. Despite the absence of Mr. Fringe, who is currently being held captive by The Party Of No in an undisclosed area, things are moving well. Here are some parts from the interview.

Magenta Moon Media: Greetings Brumby! As always its great to talk with you as you continue to wave the RNR flag against The Party Of No. How is the recording process going without Mr. Fringe?

Brumby: Despite the absence of our brother who is being held captive by The Party Of No we continue to write and record these massive channels of RNR. We are experiencing this as we get ready to save Mr. Fringe from the shackles of The Leader! The riffs are on full brew! Cholo's (The Lunatic's Fringe - Guitar) going to sleep with riffs and waking up with riffs. Most of the time it's putting the pedal down and driving. Other times it's riding the RNR wave and grooving it out. Once we save Mr. Fringe and he lays down his stuff, this albums gonna cook!

Magenta Moon Media: Yes it seems that The Party Of No will in no way give out the location of where Mr. Fringe is? Is the unknown exciting or frightening?

Brumby: We are frustrated and angry regarding the situation. It's just the 3 of us writing music. We miss having Mr. Fringe's input. He channels RNR like it's an instinct. He breathes it, lives it! He doesn't eat at a burger joint as BlahBlahBlah Fringe in disguise better hide who I am...He is Mr. Fringe, a loudmouth lover of the electric church. It feels like the last album was really an introduction into the waters with this wild RNR ship. Now we gotta steer it and continue to bring the freedom of music to the masses. In time we will defeat The Party Of No.

Magenta Moon Media: It seems like you guys are on a roll despite not having Mr. Fringe there for guidance and the RNR direction. Can you tell us about any of the songs?

Brumby: I can tell you about By Hook Or By Crook. I can tell you it's on the album and pretty much sets the tone of the album. We hope before the end of the year Mr. Fringe's vocals can be on the album and we can get a song taste. That song will be the first one he'll dive into. I'm sure he'll be more than ready to deliver.

Magenta Moon Media: The Lunatic's Lounge really has that feel and you can almost breathe in tht RNR feel immediately. How important is that atmosphere in terms of creating?

Brumby: The atmosphere is everything. When we rehearse the outside world goes away. We have a drink (or ten) to relax the HuHa's. We plug in and play and get ready to roar! Everyday is Halloween for us. It keeps it interesting and it's in our blood. Come back for updates. We're super excited about this one. The Lunatic's Fringe will rise again in 2020.

Magenta Moon Media: So speaking of everyday being Halloween, what is one of your favorite Halloween movies?

Brumby: That's a great question. I would say The Exorcist. It's a classic movie that always scares the hell out of me. I need to have a couple of shots before I even turn that on. Plus after a couple of shots the movie gets a big comical.

Magenta Moon Media: Halloween seems to flow in and out of your image. You guys seem to enjoy dressing up. What is Brumby like on a normal relaxed day? Is there a difference?

Brumby: Not at all. This is me, here I am. Ha, I sleep in this shit! I do usually change in socks though at least once a year!

Magenta Moon Media: Well, thanks for taking some time out to give us an update. We'll check back in next month to see how things are progressing. We wish you well as you continue to write this next album. Enjoy the day, it's noon some where!

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