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The Mr. Fringe Interview (Part 1)

Magenta Moon Media:

Mr. Fringe it's great to have you back after The Party Of No held you captive for so many months. From what I understand your memory was erased but you managed to find your way back to your RNR world. How are you feeling and how is the new album process going?

Mr. Fringe:

From the beginning of this journey with The Lunatic's Fringe we confirmed we are the backlash against The Party Of No. We are here because our culture has created us. We are carrying the RNR flag against The Party Of No and their complete dismissal of music. We knew there would be repercussions for our actions and welcome them. It's not a safe road we're on, but we can't stop our message. Those bastards can't stand RNR and we represent that completely.

The crazy thing is that I don't remember being captured because it happened so quickly. I was heading to the Fringe Bar after checking out a local rock show and BAM! The next thing I know I'm in a room tied up and members of The Party Of No are taunting and torturing me.

RNR is what feeds me and without it I can't function. I couldn't remember who I was or even who those guys were. I didn't recognize them as The Party Of No due to my memory loss. I just knew I couldn't stand them and needed to get out! I knew they were bad dudes!

One day through of the vents in my room I was being held captive in I heard RNR. I'm not sure who was playing it, but the spirit of RNR started to help me.

Even though I couldn't remember who I was, I knew I dug the music and I had a purpose for something bigger than myself. But what was it?

After a couple of months The Party Of No members who would be monitoring me after I was being tortured got lazy. They fell asleep on the job! Ha! One late evening they forgot to lock my chains after torturing me. I took this as an exit opportunity and escaped. Once I began the healing process and was connected to music again, my memory came back and I knew once again my purpose. It's time to RNR!

Regarding the process of the new album, my brothers Anonymous, Cholo and Brumby turned their frustrations and anger with the situation and came up with some great kick ass songs! I'm grateful for my RNR brothers.

Magenta Moon Media:

So The Party Of No tried to keep you down but the music brought you back and re-energized you?

Mr. Fringe:

For sure, I was recoverying at The Lunatic's Lounge, our hang out listening to heavy doses of early Black Sabbath, Pantera and Motorhead. It felt great to be connected with music again and recover with the help of bit of Jagermeister as well! The new songs have a lot of kick to them. We want to continue our RNR crusade and show with music and action that The Party Of No can't hold us down. Music is true freedom!

Magenta Moon Media:

Since getting your memory back, do you feel any different than before?

Mr. Fringe:

That's hard to say. I feel very energized and motivated to continue to bring RNR back to the forefront of the scene. We have made an impact so much that The Party Of No can't stand it and don't know what to do with us. They have tried to take me down and deprive me of music. Let's just say revenge will be nice.

I'd like to get my hands on The Leader of The Party Of No and blast his tiny ears with hours of Fear Factory! Just to show my appreciation to him.

Magenta Moon Media:

What's it looking like for a release date for the next record and what will it be called?

Mr. Fringe:

Now that I'm back in my groove I'm working on lyrics for this monster we're putting together. My RNR brothers have given me great fuel with the music. I just need to reflect and let the music do the talking! The next record will be called "Resurgence". We are re-energized and ready to continue our message of RNR to the masses. People need RNR, it soothes the savage beast inside.

(Catch Part 2 of The Mr. Fringe Interview coming New Year's Eve)

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